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Don’t Steal the Parking Spots!

Royal Doolittle, Staff Writer

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Let me give you a scenario:

I’m driving down Hillsborough and it’s 7:45 on a Tuesday morning. The sun is shining and I am blasting music in my car. I turn right onto Himes Ave and then left onto Loyola Lane. After I let some kids cross the crosswalk, I make my way into the senior parking lot and am met with a surprise! WHERE ARE THE PARKING SPACES?? I drive around the senior lot, scouring for space, but alas, the whole lot is filled. The only spaces available are either the ones I make or are in the grass. If I am really unlucky, all these remaining spaces are already taken, and I am left between choosing to park in the junior lot or the faculty one. It’s a tough decision, and either way, I’m running out of time and need to get to class before the late bell. Somehow, even though, I am supposed to have a spot, there are none for me. 🙁

Jesuit’s senior parking lot is plagued with delinquents stealing the few, precious spaces available to their rightful owners. Seniors with the AMDG parking emblem, meaning they are supposed to park in the junior lot, feel entitled to park in the senior lot. Those who do such a thing, claim that since they arrive at school earlier than I, they are allowed to commit such a heinous act. THEY ARE WRONG!

On Orientation Day, before school even started, parking spaces in the senior lot were available. The smart kids arrived early and were able to acquire a senior parking pass. The others, ones who arrived later or did not show up at all, were left with the scraps. Since the grass lot near the senior parking lot has recently been re-sodded, the ones supposed to park there are stuck to park in the junior lot. Big bummer but soon the grass lot will available!

So for everybody wondering what the parking rules are, I had a quick chat with Doc Pastore, the Dean of Discipline. He said, “Seniors parking in the senior lot without the proper parking tag will be punished and will receive a PH. Don’t do it.”

Seniors parking in the senior lot without the proper parking tag will be punished and will receive a PH.”

— Dr. Pastore

There is only a limited amount of parking for the whole school and stealing spots or going to school in a car without a pass, doesn’t help the situation. I propose we build an underground parking garage to help alleviate stress, but until such a thing happens, please park where you are supposed to!



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Don’t Steal the Parking Spots!