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Why Fun Day Actually Matters

November 8, 2016

Fun day is and always will be one of the most anticipated school days of the year. It features tournaments, food, video games, music, sports, and more. And of course there’s no classes which is always a plus.

But why do we really hold a fun day?

As it is, many of us can do these activities on our own if they aren’t already offered at Jesuit. The Rocket League tournament, for example, is a video game any of us can play on our own time. Why are we encouraged to come when we can stay and play it in the comforts of our own home?

The Rocket League tournament, like all other fun day events, is an event which requires a fee for entry. These funds directly benefit the Thanksgiving food drive.

If you’re unfamiliar with the annual fundraiser, which would be shocking considering how much it’s promoted nearly every day, then it’s important to realize the significance of fun day itself.

Because of the annual fund raiser, on top of home room collection days, underprivileged families in our community are able to have a proper Thanksgiving dinner.

Mr. Mandt put this is in a greater perspective:

“Imagine letting someone you love down.

Think of the feeling that comes awith disappointing that person.

Now imagine a family having to tell their children that they’re not able to afford a Thanksgiving dinner.”

Pretty heavy, right?

For us at Jesuit, we take this very same idea for granted. We’re used to being stuffed to the brim while surrounded by our loved ones on top of creating countless family memories.

For me it’s a tradition to wake up, watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, smell a roasting turkey in the oven, and presume to eat it in the early afternoon along with typical side dishes with my parents and grandparents.

It’s sad to say it isn’t the same for everyone – especially in a country where you would expect every family to be able to enjoy and celebrate a national holiday.

This is why fun day is significant. Through the events sponsored by clubs, faculty members, and students, we are able to do our part in helping our community by providing meals on Thanksgiving day.

This also shows why it’s important to participate during fun day.

While we can spend our money on other things, fun day gives us a way to actually contribute to a good cause on top of actually having fun while doing so.

This can come in the form of the Rocket League tournament listed above, the bocce or ultimate frisbee tournament on the football field, cooking classes, bake sales, and much more.

So as fun day approaches us, take advantage of everything that is being offered on the upcoming Friday.

There are much harder ways to benefit our local community and we are given an easy way to feed those who cannot afford it.

Let’s not waste this opportunity and instead make it the best one yet.


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