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MacBooks vs. iPads

February 9, 2017

Ever since 2014 (my sophomore year), Jesuit students have been issued iPads to supplement their education. Many students including myself would agree that having iPads has made things much easier and more efficient. iPads take a load off of students backs quite literally, considering we can get the majority of our textbooks downloaded on the iPad rather than carrying them around all the time or rushing to our lockers between classes. Students like Dylan Field agree that having iPads makes student life much simpler: “I love them, they’re a great tool to study. I love that everything is in one place” – Dylan Field. Some students like Justin Raab also enjoy the iPads, but recognize a downside to them, “I love the iPads because it makes school more exciting, but my grades would probably be better without them.” Other students like Jack Henry Nouss prefer old school education “I prefer books, I think iPads are a distraction in the classroom.”

Regardless of who liked them or not, it can be agreed that iPads can be very distracting, considering an iPad is meant to be an entertainment device rather than an education device. The tech team has tried fixing that problem with things like apple classroom, but I’m sure all students would agree that apple classroom has caused more problems and PHs than we want or need. Although iPads can cause problems, they’re obviously still very beneficial to students. But there is a way to keep the benefits of the iPads (and more) while also fixing the problems of students playing games and getting caught resulting in a PH.

MacBooks are an obviously better supplement to students education as compared to iPads, and to me, this should have been used from the beginning. Academy of the Holy Names has been using MacBooks for longer than we’ve been using iPads, and for obvious reasons. When you go to a college campus, you never see students walking around or studying with their iPads, they use laptops. And if Jesuit is supposed to prep us for college, why are we getting used to using iPads in the classroom when we’ll have to use laptops in the future? There’s an obvious reason too as to why Academy of the Holy Names and college campuses everywhere use laptops instead of iPads: They’re faster and more efficient. Personally, I’ve had many frustrating moments where my iPad would crash or fail to download something or run out of battery. These problems could be fixed with MacBooks. They have bigger batteries and better core processors that are better suited for an educational setting, whereas iPads have batteries and processors meant to be used for iPad games and apps. If the school were to adopt MacBooks, the problem of students playing games would be solved, and not only that, seniors like me would have a laptop to take with them when they go off to college, saving them from another added cost of a modern education.



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