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BurgerFi vs. Five Guys

April 3, 2017

One of the fairly new burger joints, BurgerFi, has drawn rave reviews from locals and burger fanatics everywhere. The chain, which opened its doors to Tampa in 2014, features, of course, burgers, along with hot dogs, shakes, and fresh-cut fries. Although I’ve already dined before, I decided to go to BurgerFi to compare it with another staple burger restaurant, Five Guys, which was reviewed by Noah Armenia, Rhett Broz, and Milky Doolittle.

One of the major differences between the two is BurgerFi’s atmosphere. Upon walking in, the stained-wood walls, gigantic ceiling fans, and flashy graphic-menu automatically stand out. It doesn’t feel like a traditional diner-style burger joint. Top 40 music plays while you dine, but it’s not too loud to interrupt conversation.

Similar to Five Guys, BurgerFi isn’t a sit-down restaurant. Food is ordered at the counter and delivered to your table by using one of their provided trackers. At the counter, you’re faced with a fairly basic menu. There’s the usual hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, veggie burger, along with all their specialty sandwiches. Their most basic cheeseburger goes for about $6. Their burgers can run a little pricey if you pile on all the premium toppings like bacon, onion rings, or a fried egg. Hot dogs run close to $5 each. Fries must be ordered separately, and range from $3.60-$7 for a regular, large, or bucket size. All said and done I paid just over $14 for a regular cheeseburger, regular fries with garlic aioli and parmesan (+$.97), and a drink. Not expensive, but not that cheap either.

My food was brought to my table within minutes. At first glance, everything looked great. The ‘BurgerFi’ stamp on the bun definitely stood out, and the aioli dressing on the fries caught my attention. Although I only ordered a single burger, I was a bit surprised at how small it actually was. Despite feeling a bit cheated given how much I paid, the food itself was very tasty and certainly stood out as a Five Guys competitor.

The fries were the best part, in my opinion. BurgerFi already had crispy, tasty fries, but the aioli-parmesan add on definitely set it apart. I thought the burger was good, above average in fact, but it didn’t set itself apart. I thought their advertised “BurgerFi sauce” was a bit overrated considering it tasted like they barely put any on the sandwich. Nonetheless, the burger and fries were quite tasty, and I would definitely go back.


Between the two, I’d probably take Five Guys. I liked eating in BurgerFi more, but for the price, Five Guys gives you more for your money. What might tip the scale is BurgerFi’s milkshakes. But, if I were to add one to my meal, I would pay close to $20, which, to me, is way too much for a burger and fries.

If BurgerFi were just a bit cheaper, I would go there instead of Five Guys. But for now, the food is too similar for me to prefer BurgerFi over Five Guys.


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