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This year Jesuit has found much success in athletics, as we tend to do. From the football team to the bowling team, Jesuit has demonstrated persistent commitment to success. This year nothing has changed in that regard. However, we have seen some extraordinary success from two teams in particular: the Lacrosse team and the Baseball team.

This year the baseball team maintained its reputation for greatness, when it reached the number two seat in the the Florida rankings. An outstanding record, held by a consistently great team. Across the field, a different story was developing. The Lacrosse team wasn’t as renowned as the Baseball team, as the sport only recently became recognized in 2012. So, the team had to build up a reputation. And they did. The Lacrosse team has made a name for itself, taking the state by storm — being qualified as the number ten team in the entire state.

Both the Lacrosse team and the Baseball team have had outstanding season, the Lacrosse’s season only falling short of moving on the next level of competition in a tight game with Plant High School. Talking to some of the members of both teams I found that there was a common theme. To these teams success didn’t come from individual talent, vice versa, it came from a holistic approach to honor and selflessness.

The Lacrosse team has seen some change this year with a new head coach, new players, and a more specialized staff. However, it wasn’t the new additions that made a difference, but a new mind set. Brad Baker, senior midfielder, summed it up as a “connected family.” He said that the every individual is geared towards the same goal: growth. From the starters who play games to the second string that helps sharpen the starters, every individual wants to build his brother up.  With a program as intertwined as that, I don’t believe there is any way that this team will ever stop producing success. On the Baseball field, the same kind of program is being ran. Drew Martin, senior pitcher, said that the difference this year comes down to “the chemistry we have as a team … we play for each other and we’re a really tight knit group of guys compared to the past.”

All in all, these teams lie on a concrete fundamentals. There success is derived from a sense of brotherhood and selflessness — virtues that build great man.


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Success through Virtue