An Inside Look at the Peterson Administration

August 25, 2017

The student council is becoming a force of change at Jesuit. I spoke with President Tyler Peterson and the director of student activities Mike Scicchitano about the dynamic of student council as well as some of the changes that will be made this year. The officers this year all seem to work very well together, bringing interesting perspectives that help to make student life run as well as possible.

When asked about how the officers are working for change, according to Mr. Scicchitano “In Bradley, we have continuity to last years executive board, and this is also Mr. Freeman and Mr. Perich’s second year moderating student council, so we aren’t starting totally from scratch, but it has been good to have input from James, Carter, and Tyler and I think that they have been able to put good spin on old ideas such as Karaoke, or the taco eating contest.”

It seems that this year they will be doing a lot to benefit the lives of the student, with first priority being to get a new ping pong table. Mike Scicchitano believes that “the most successful years are those during which the administration and students are on the same page and work well together.”

Tyler believes that the preseason football game is a good representation of how blue tide will be this year, as it was a huge turnout with most people coming to paint up, with only a few seniors coming late. It’s good to know that the council’s and his ideas have worked out in the student body’s benefit, so with this, I asked him about his idea making process. He told me that “When I’m sitting and I’m thinking, and the gears are turning, take a seat cause something beautiful is about to come out of my mouth.”

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