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Album Review: Flower Boy by Tyler The Creator

August 31, 2017

     Before I heard Tyler the Creators new album, Flower Boy, I didn’t know what to expect. To be honest with you before I listened to this album I never really listened to Tyler’s music. I am not the type to really listen to slow, blues rap. Personally, I like a more up beat song. Because of this, I thought I was going to hate this album. But surprisingly I loved Flower Boy. I liked it so much that I would give it an 8 out of 10, here are the reasons why.

The songs in the album grabbed my attention right away with its up tone beats and the lyrics flowing off of Tyler’s tongue as if it was chocolate dripping off a freshly dipped strawberry.

With all albums, you have your really good songs and then you have the duds that need to be taken out or replaced in an album. To me, the songs that need to be taken out are “Who Dat Boy”, “November”, “Droppin’ Seeds”, and “Enjoy Right Now”, Today. This might be surprising to some but here are my reasons why I liked these songs the least.

“Who Dat Boy” has a featured rapper that is popular right now: A$AP Rocky. But the song wasn’t as good as I would have expected. I feel that if you have a star in your song then that song would be somewhat decent in my opinion. On the other hand, The song “November” starts off with elevator type music was a turn off from the beginning. As the song goes on it’s not bad, the lyrics are good, but the beat of this song throws it off.

“Droppin’ Seeds” has Lil Wayne in it and that draws your attention right away. The problem with this song is that it is only a minute. How could you write a song with a well-known rapper that is only 60 seconds?

     There is a “song” on this album that boggles. In my opinion, I think a song would have words in it. But this specific “song” has zero words. This is exactly what Enjoy Right Now, Today is. It is an instrumental song that puts all of the beats together.

Overall out of 14 songs I strongly consider you should at least listen to 10 of them. Tyler opened my ears to listen to more of this genre. I look forward to listening to more of his future projects.

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