A Table, A Net, and A Paddle

October 9, 2017

The most intense, most amazing, most riveting sport known to mankind, ping-pong. After a hiatus that felt like ages, the beloved ping-pong table has made a glorious return. Last year the junior class grew very fond of the ping-pong table, but unfortunately, it broke in an accident after a loss. This 2017-2018 school year, however, the student council came together to purchase a brand new table for the senior class to enjoy.

With each many games taking place before school, during lunch periods, and during free periods, many teams will rise and many will fall. I asked Patrick Davis about his feelings towards the ping-pong table’s return, “Personally I think it’s great. It lets the seniors have some fun during their free time, as well as use up some energy. Unfortunately, things get pretty heated sometimes and when one team loses, a paddle or two may be broken, but that is really rare.”

The only problem that the student body has with the ping-pong table is either one team dominating the competition, or sadly getting the table taken away. We all need to realize that the ping-pong table is indeed a gift, and we must respect it. Regardless of how upset a team may be, they need step away from the table, eat some food, and get ready for their next match. One great side to the ping-pong table is the mixing of teams. Yes, some teams may be solidified for a few days, but each game brings about new combinations of students to compete against each other.

Ping-Pong is a great way for students to release some stress after a tough quiz, or get competitive and see who rules the table for all of the lunch period. Regardless of why you play, we all love it and are all glad that it has returned.

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