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The Walking Dead Season 7 Recap

November 13, 2017

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, the best part of October for you was probably the start of Season 8, on October 22nd. I know I was super excited to see what happens to Alexandria. From Rick’s flashback of Negan beating the snot out of Abraham and Glenn with Lucille to introducing the Kingdom and its leader, King Ezekiel and his Tiger, to Daryl being tortured in a closet and being forced to listen to the cover Easy Street on repeat, season 7 was wild from start to finish.

Negan’s deal with Rick and other members of Alexandria is starting to take its toll on the group. The group has trouble finding supplies for Negan and begin to start thinking about revolting. Carl takes it upon himself to kill Negan and attempts to go to Negan’s place but that is stopped quickly. Neegan then visits Alexandria while Rick is on a supply run and kills two other people.

He then takes Eugene, because he made a bullet for Rosita, who attempted to kill Negan. Tempers flare and emotions erupt, and the members of Alexandria seek help from the Hilltop. When they refuse, Rick realizes that he needs people and weapons if he wants to defeat the saviors. When Rick returns from his supply run and sees that the Priest, Gabriel, had taken all the food and hidden it on a boat, he sets out to find it. While there, Rick encounters a huge group of people, who call themselves the Scavengers.

They all have guns, and, like a man that just hit the jackpot, Rick smiles because he had just found his army, what he thinks, pretty easily. This group demands Rick supply them more guns if he wants them to fight against the Saviors. Rick and Michone find an abandon amusement park with military walkers, so they found their stockpile of weapons for the scavengers and are able to keep some for themselves. Tara, later on, tells Rick and the group about the Oceanside community, so they go to seek help, but end up getting even more weapons. In a surprising turn of events, Dwight, one of Negan’s righthand men, wants to get in on killing Negan. Dwight explains that he has a plan to attack Negan when he next returns to Alexandria. Elsewhere, in an ironic turn of events, Negan has a plan to attack Alexandria.

The people of Alexandria and the scavengers work together to set up traps for the Saviors. When the bomb truck fails to go off, the Scavengers turn their guns on the people of Alexandria. Jadis, the leader of the scavengers, brings Rick and Carl to Negan. When Negan raises his bat to smash Carl’s head, the people from the Hilltop arrive just in time to disrupt things. All the saviors are taken by surprise of Ezekiel’s tiger that Rick and Carl have enough time to escape. When the Scavengers and Saviors escape and return to their compounds, Negan and Rick both tell their groups they are going to war. Season 8 could be filled with all-out war, but I’m predicting that Alexandria will pull things out and win, but they will lose someone very important in the process.

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