Turkey for All

November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving is the time of year where families gather and put together a feast for the whole family to enjoy. And for most families, this is what Thanksgiving is, but all families are not as fortunate. Sadly though the Tampa Bay Area has many poor families that can not afford to provide a feast for their family. This a problem that no one should have that is why Jesuit has taken it upon themselves to do something about it and lend a helping hand out to the community.

Enter the Thanksgiving turkey drive, the drive has been performed now for years by Jesuit. The drive serves to collect money and turkey for students for a few weeks. Then, on the weekend before Thanksgiving, the food is distributed to the Tampa Area’s poor. This is all in mind to help provide complete Thanksgiving meals for as many families as can be afforded.

Every year when the delivering of the meals happens it has a profound impact on so many families that can help themselves. This year the Jesuit raised enough money and gather enough turkeys to give over 250 families a whole Thanksgiving meal. The support of this drive gives that many more families a Thanksgiving dinner that they would never have had, and 250 families only includes the families that got full Thanksgiving meals. Plenty more families who did not require as much help were helped out with donations of partial meals.

While the drive is based around and has the primary goal of helping feed those families who can feed themselves this Holiday season. The drive also has a benefit for the students involved. All involved enjoy a bonding experience in working together to organize the delivering of food. Students get to take a trip to parts of Tampa where they people in struggle. This new view on another side of Tampa is a healthy one, it can help students actually see what people who are receiving their donations are going through in the areas they live in. So often students donate money to causes they don’t know much about and some first-hand experience is a great way to understand just how much the money you give really means.

The experience is a wonderful time for givers and recipients and is highly recommended to all students that they should participate in delivering turkeys at least once during their time at Jesuit.

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