“He lived just 5 doors down from us for years and he never seemed like a killer.”

December 11, 2017

What is it like to live near a killer? The Seminole Heights killer, a newly proclaimed serial killer, who killed 4 random people in the span of 1 month. He had no apparent motive, and his killings were completely random. Senior Patrick Eberly lived five houses down from him for years and was completely shocked at the revelation that he was the killer.

Within the time span of 51 days, Howell Emanuel Donaldson III, otherwise known as the Seminole Heights killer, killed 4 people that had no connection to each other. They were random people who lived in Seminole Heights, an area that he had no connection with. He actually lived in the Sulphuric Springs neighborhood, and he was unfamiliar with Seminole Heights. He lived 5 houses down from Patrick Eberly, a senior at Jesuit high school.

Eberly states that “he lived just 5 doors down from us for years and he never seemed like a killer.” Eberly tells me that this was a complete shock to him, that he was a nice kid. He seemed like a super fun person, who was very kind.

Apparently, he even went out of his way to be nice to him and his family, playing basketball with his younger brothers and even one time making him food. That’s why it was such a shock to him because there didn’t seem to be a violent bone in his body.

When asked why he thought Donaldson, or Trai as everyone knew him, killed those people, Eberly claims “[He has] no idea, it was completely out of the blue. He always seemed like a normal, nice guy and he didn’t seem to have problems in life so I was completely surprised when it turned out to be him.”

This is what happens with most serial killers, they are unnoticed by normal members of society. They blend in, make it seem like they are average, everyday people. However, in reality, they are cold-blooded killers. They don’t feel remorse, they don’t care about their victims, and they only have love for themselves. There’s a part of their brain that is deeply damaged, and it makes them become emotionless, only acting through rage.

So, what is it like to live by a killer? You wouldn’t realize at all. They could be your neighbors, friends, even your family. The terrifying thing about the fact is, they’re unnoticed by the average man. You’ll never realize if a person is who they say they are, or if they are secretly a killer.

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