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Tigers on Ice: An Update on Jesuit Hockey

December 12, 2017

Jesuit hockey, as previously mentioned in an article written by Staff Writer Patrick Davis, is off to a hot start this year. Patrick interviewed two four year seniors of the team, Nolan Forrest and Deacon Moore. As of November 16, 2017, the hockey team was leading the Adreychuk Division of the Lightning High School Hockey League with a total of thirteen points. How are they doing now? I had the chance to interiew key member of the defense, goalie Paul Coates to get an update on the Hockey team on their road to states.

Blake: In convocation almost every morning, I hear Paul Coates was in goal for the shutout. How many shutouts do you actually have this year? Do you know how many you have throughout your Jesuit career?

Paul: Well I’ve only had one actual shutout this year. But over my 4-year career at Jesuit, I’ve recorded something like 15 shutouts.

Blake: Is getting a shutout something easy to do? Take me through the process of how you prepare mentally and physically for a big game.

Paul: Getting a shutout usually depends on the team we are playing. It’s so much easier when it’s a close game because if we are destroying a team, their coach usually puts the younger players in because there’s no chance of them winning and the defense and offense isn’t too terribly good. Preparing for a game really isn’t anything special. I usually just stretch a lot and sometimes throw a ball around or something to warm up my reflexes

Blake: We’re both seniors and thinking about college, so I just have to ask, do you plan on continuing your hockey career in college? Do you know where?

Paul: I would like to play in college, but I’d probably only be able to play at a D3 school though. But there’s nothing wrong with that though. If I did play somewhere it would probably be Milwaukee School of Engineering.

I also had the privilege to interview Junior Joshua Burke. Josh is a key player on the Hockey team, having scored most of the Tiger’s goals this season.

Blake: What position do you play? Is that an important position?

Josh: I play right wing and I think its a pretty important position.

Blake: What does a right wing do? Why do you think this position is important.

Josh: They pretty much skate down whatever side they are on, so in my case, the right side, and attack the goal or goalie or whoever has the puck and try to take it from them to score. The wings are the players that score for the most part.

Blake: Where does the team stand this year? Like how do you think the season is progressing?

Josh: Right now we are 1st in our division and 3rd or 4th in the Lightning Highschool Hockey League.

Blake: Do you guys have a strong feeling of going to States this year?

Josh: Yes we all do, but we would have to beat East Lake, who is our biggest rival. We tied with them and lost to them so it’s something we haven’t done yet. If we were to go to States, then we would play North Broward Prep or something like that. They’re basically a hockey boarding school, so you can imagine how tough that game will be

Throughout my four years at Jesuit, the hockey team has always been phenomenal. This season has most definitely set the tone for younger hockey players and future Jesuit hockey players. Jesuit plays this Friday, December 15th against Wiregrass Ranch Highschool. This will be quite the matchup since Jesuit has beaten and lost to Wiregrass. Jesuit is expected to pull through under the leadership of Junior Joshua Burk and the protection of Paul Coats.

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