This Year’s Soccer District Champs?

December 14, 2017

The Jesuit soccer team may not be the most talked about team Jesuit has to offer but they are far one of the most successful. The team is one of will power and talented individuals working together to achieve an ultimate goal. I took a look into what’s going on with them in some interviews with a coach and one of the senior players on the team.

Head coach Mr. Eric Sims to ask him his thoughts on the team this year and it’s differences this year.

“Last year we had a lot of great seniors and with them we won a lot of games and got far, but still lost to Merrit island again. And for us the state title win is the benchmark, no state title is no success. This year however, we have a lot of experience with old players and the new players are showing potential to increase our team’s talent. The team definitely has the talent and the skill to win games and last year they put up a real fight for each and every victory. This year they are still doing their best to go strong, anyone can see that the team on or off the field has plenty of team spirit and talent to push them far this.” Sims said.

I found it interesting that when he was told that the team had struggles last year he was not discouraged. I realized why when he talked about the team growth this year and how his their victory at state was closer than ever before this year.

Senior leader Andres Cartaya discussed the team’s district playoffs and how they’re not too far off.

“We are looking forward to state championships, and honestly we are expecting to get a win if we give it our all. In past years have had the talent to win but in past year we did not give it our all. This year I think we can make it over the hump and win the districts and states.” Cartaya said.

This is exactly what I expected from the team even with the losses of the past you can see a real positive attitude towards victory amongst the players. It’s sad that the team did not give it all they had in past year, but whether that is from lack of teamwork or prep or talent it seems the team is past that.

This year we can expect to see a real hard-fought games from the soccer team who this year more than years past have the positive attitude and the talent in their to win that victory for Jesuit in this soccer season’s district and state games.

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