Should President Trump Tweet More or Less?

January 17, 2018

Trump should not tweet as much as he does because he offends people, and tries to hide the real problems that are going on. This day in age technology rules everything. Most information that we receive is through social media. As people, we just want to be entertain. If it is not entertaining we will not give it any attention. This is the exact reason why President Trump is able to get reactions to his tweets on twitter. In my honest opinion, I believe it is a good way to get information out there, but that is not what Trump is doing. He acts like a child with a new toy. He tweets whatever is on his mind, without thinking about the position he holds. As the President of the United States, he needs to keep things to himself rather than put it on social media.

It is not just the tweets he posts that are ridiculous. It is also what he said in his interviews. In one of his recent interviews, President Trump said: “Why do we want all these people from s***hole countries coming here?” He was referring to Haiti and its people. As a Haitian myself I was offended. How are you suppose to make the United States great by saying these things? The Haitian community is an outrage about this. As the president, you are not allowed to insult others or sovereign nation. This country was built on the backs of immigrants.

Immigrants are hard working people. They buy into the American dream and try to live it out. Immigrants move from their home with little of their belongings to a new place where they might not know the language or know anyone, but they have the courage to take that risk. They start from nothing and try to make make a life out of it. The life lived by an immigrant is incredibly hard. I would know because I have seen my parents struggle. Working two jobs to keep us above water. It is an insult to all immigrants for Trump to insult their work ethic because as we all know America is built on the back of those immigrants. What makes this country great is its people.

President Trump is constantly on twitter saying things that he should not be. He has not fulfilled his duty as president by tweeting whatever that is on his mind. He acts like a child with a toy who can not get enough of it. He does have a filter and is very impulsive. Twitter has become a place of information. I understand if he is trying to inform the people but he is not. Trump is starting arguments that take the country’s eyes off of the real problems that we are having. He goes out of his way to get into arguments with Lavar Ball saying that he owes him a thank you for the favor he did for his son LiAngelo Ball by getting him out of prison in China. When we the people are struggling. He has not done much to help the people. The promise he made has not been fulfilled.

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