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Is Apple Still Thinking Different? [Pawprints S1E3]

J.Rey and Mello Mellon take on the tech world as Apple is under fire due to a battery scandal affecting their users. They also evaluate Apple's cultural impact.

January 23, 2018

The current Apple/Customer relationship in meme form (Credit: Eli Davenport & Joshua Reynes)




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Recently Apple had admitted to slowing down their phones as they age, causing a major backlash among the millions of iPhone users as they age. J.Rey (Joshua Reynes ’18) admitted he is a victim of Apple’s battery crisis and went to their International Plaza location to get his battery over the Christmas break. He went to the Apple store with an appointment booked 1 week prior for New Year’s Day, was told the battery was out of stock, waited for a week and a half, then a three hour turnover time and finally got the rejuvenation Apple promised to their millions of customers. According to CNN Tech a 999 billion dollar class-action lawsuit is in the work to make amends for all the battery issues. Apple, being the major cultural tastemakers they are, made J.Rey and Mello Mellon speculate if Apple is actually doing the best they can to influence the culture or if they are simply riding on the namesake and legacy Steve Jobs left behind. Mello Mellon (Chad Mellon ’18) on the other hand, claims he hasn’t had a problem with his iPhone 7 Plus, but he sympathizes with the people who do have problems with their near-thousand dollar phones. On Apple’s official website said that the typical iPhone is set to retain “80%” of its batteries in the span of 2 years, a promise that many consumers do not believe is true. Mellon and J.Rey dissect the specs of Chad’s iPhone 7 Plus to see how much it has improved from the predecessors and if it really is true to Chad’s functioning phone.  The question that reigns eminent when this battery crisis is mentioned is,
“is Apple is in engaging in unfair business practices?” Chad answers that many big companies, like Nike, make their products for cheap and sell it at a much higher price. The duo, Overall, J.Rey and Mello Mellon ask Apple to do what they preached to their audiences to do 20 years ago: think different.

Listen to music from and inspired by this episode of Pawprints (Listener Warning Advised):

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