Winning on the Field and in the Classroom

January 17, 2018

In the classroom and on the playing fields, Jesuit strives to be the best. According to Pete Young, “This past year, four fall sports teams ranked in the Top 7 in the FHSAA’s Academic Team Champion rankings.” However, there was one sports team that stood out from the rest. The football team led by coach Thompson was ranking No. 1 in the team champion rankings in Class 5A. This is nothing new for the football team as they did the same thing last year. To be able to repeat as a State champion is a big accomplishment for an institution and a sports program.

I asked star defense of end and current Harvard commit Anthony Nelson two simple questions. The first question addressed how hard it is to be student-athletes. The last question was why do you think Jesuit is the repeat state champ. What do you think makes Jesuit different from other high schools. Anthony responded with the following, The answer to the first question is simply yes. It is very difficult no matter what sport you participate in. It is hard to balance your school work and studying in the finite amount of time you are given to work. Between morning meetings, lifts, practice and film. After all of those, you have to be able to manage to study. On the upside, though it teaches you to really manage your time efficiently and not procrastinate.

To answer the last question, I believe Jesuit is repeat state champs because education is a priority in all aspects of student life. Even in the athletic department our education is paramount. If an athlete doesn’t have the grades they will no play no questions asked. On the other hand, Jesuit does a great job setting us up for success. Our teachers realize the workload athletes have to deal with and offer as much help as possible, with study sessions after school and before school, also being able to be helped by a free tutor by NHS students. Jesuits system is made to help the students thrive. This is why I believe Jesuit is different from many schools because of the great support system we have set in place for players.

I also asked the same questions to head football coach Matt Thompson, He responded with the following. To answer your first question; Being a Student-Athlete at Jesuit High is extremely difficult. The commitment to academic excellence set forth by the teachers and administration at Jesuit are second to none. Add to the students plate, a rigorous demand for time and excellence from our coaching staff and you can see how hard being a student-athlete can be. During the season (February to December) Our kids sometimes get to school at 5:45am and don’t leave until 7pm. Then pile homework, studying, other extracurricular activities and film study on top of that and you can see they hardly had time for any type of social life at all, at least not during the work week.

To answer the second question, I believe that Jesuit is different because that is the culture of the school. To be the best at whatever we do. I love winning but I believe more in giving your best at all times. To win everyday at everything you do, whether it’s on the field, the classroom or with the service to others. The football team is honored for the award but I think the award is for the school. The entire school that should be acknowledged. The teachers who constantly demand the best and the student-athletes who are committed to giving their best effort in everything they do.

Both responses from coach and player show that Jesuit separates itself from the rest of the pack. This institute strives to be the best in anything and everything. This article shows that and how much effort is put into being an athlete that puts on the jersey that reads Jesuit on the front.

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