Mid-Season Setback

January 25, 2018

Tampa Jesuit basketball has been lead by a strong senior class this year. Our leading seniors are Thierry Moliere, Nick Weir, and Ryan Radke. However, at a tournament at St Pius in Atlanta, senior Thierry Moliere was injured.

When asked about the injury, Thierry told me, “It happened at about 4 in the afternoon at St Pius, and I was injured mid-tournament.”

Thierry hurt his leg, which for basketball players, is one of the worst things you can possibly hurt. It restricts your ability to run, jump, pivot, and make quick turns on a dime. These movements are pivotal for the game of basketball, as most of a players style depends on these sort of movements. Without the ability to do these things, it can hurt a player in the long run.

I asked Thierry what he injured and he told me, “My ankle, specifically the ligament that holds my foot to my leg.”

This injury was an unfortunate turn of events for Thierry. Luckily for Thierry, the injury should only put him out until the end of January. While it still is unfortunate that this had to happen, he is ready to get back on the court and will be stronger than ever when he gets back in it. Injuries make a person mentally stronger, and I’m sure Thierry will come back and be ready to work hard.

I asked Thierry how it happened, and he said to me that “We were running a play called through, and there was a staggered screen so I came off the side where someone was supposed to make a simple pass to me. However, the defender stole the ball, so I hustled back on defense and jump to block the layup. I block the shot, but I was running too fast and hit the backboard causing me to land sideways on my ankle. When I landed I just started screaming, because I knew it would be bad, but I never imagined it would be this bad.”

Thierry is hopeful still, and he looks to the bright side of things to come out of this. He realizes that everything happens for a reason. He knows that when he gets back he’ll be as good as new, and he believes that the team chemistry will greatly improve. He believes that overall this will be a net good, and he is excited to see how everything turns out.

I asked Thierry about how he thinks this will affect the season, and he told me, ”We’ve already lost 3 of the last 6 games, but I think this will end up being a good thing. It gives us a chance to have guys step up to the plate and take a bigger role because his absence allows more of the young guys to get on the court and gain some experience. Overall, this will let everyone be more confident on the court and work better as a team.”

When talking to Thierry, I found that his spirits never waned, and I am confident as a friend and as a peer, that when he gets back on the court, he’ll be better than ever.

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