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The Madden Franchise is still the best.

February 6, 2018

With all the sports video games throughout the world, on multiple gaming platforms, there are many options to choose from. Personally, I enjoy playing on my Xbox One. The best sports game on the Xbox One in my opinion is probably Madden 18. Yes there are some similarities between sports games on Xbox, but since I play football, I feel as if the best game would be Madden. The best part, in my opinion, about madden 18, is the story mode and franchise mode. You start off as Devin Wade and you try to help him to catch his NFL dream. You start off by playing at his high school, and follow him to University of Texas to play for the Longhorns. Devin doesn’t have the greatest college career. He then goes to the NFL Combine and preforms decently. The the scouts notice him and tell him, “We’re going to put you on a show called Longshot.” He goes to Longshot and has to compete with four of the greatest quarterbacks to come out of college. Devin beats all four of them. Devin then gets drafted to the play for the LA Rams in round seven of the NFL Draft.

This story mode is also similar to FIFA, because you start out as a young soccer player who aspires to play in the league and then eventually gets there, but has to go through the whole process for soccer instead of football. Like I said, i play football, so I am kind of biased in my opinion. I feel as if the story mode in Madden is much more easier to follow and doesn’t take as long. In madden, your character goes from high school, to college, and to the NFL. I haven’t really played too many NBA games, but when I have played, i couldn’t figure out too much and I don’t think they have a story line like Madden and FIFA.

One of my most favorite modes is Franchise mode. Franchise mode allows the user to play as a player, coach, or owner. The thing that makes franchise mode the most fun is how you have the ability to create your player and let him be the best player in NFL history. I like being a coach because you get to control your team and keep or release players. I also really like being able to own a team in franchise mode. As an owner, you can control pretty much everything. Being an owner is fun because you get to relocate to a different city whenever you want. I think that this is a very fun addition to the game on top of all the other little quirks.

There are some drawback so though, as every game has. I didn’t like how they took out draft champions. Draft champions was fun because you were able to draft your own team. Then after drafting your team, you were able to compete with other people online. When competing with people online, winning would get you some of there coins and if you lose then you owe them some of your coins. I like it because you get to compete with other people online, and not just play a story mode forever. To me, the only two things they could’ve done better with Madden 18, is make defense more fun to play and bring back draft champions. I just felt like madden 18 is mostly all offense and less defense. It’s really hard to pick off passes in and recover fumbles. I don’t even play defense, I just Super-Sim past defense to get to offense. I like high scoring games but I also like to play defense as well. I hope that when EA comes out with Madden 19, they fix this proble, so you can play more defense. I would like them to keep story mode though, and maybe make a Devin Wade part two or something like that with his good buddy Colt Cruise. These drawbacks do not disqualify Madden from being the best game though. These are just some suggestions I have for EA when they make updated versions.

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