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February 6, 2018

Tennis season is back, and the season’s first practice kicks off tomorrow, Friday, February first. I’m sure everyone is pumped to see how far the tennis team makes it due to their success in previous years, and how close they’ve come to winning a state title.

To get an inside look at the Tennis team, I had the opportunity to ask Senior tennis player Gunther Mosesmann about how the team is looking, and what we can expect from this upcoming season. “So our first practice is tomorrow, and I really like how the team roster is filling up. After our practice, we’ll get to play an exhibition match against either Clearwater Central Catholic or Carrollwood Day School so that should give us a pretty solid look at what we’ve got.” When I asked Gunther about his personal thoughts, he said that “this is the best tennis team I’ve seen in my four years at Jesuit for sure.” From what I’ve heard, the teams real power players are Jimmy Emslie and Sebastian Salano, so be sure to check up on their standings.

This season, the tennis team has a total of nine players, which is the largest tennis team Gunther has played with. Not only does this team show promise, but each individual has potential. The team has four new freshman joining the tennis squad, which is also the highest number of athletes from the freshman class to join the tennis team. Although there is a low number of members on the team, the coach keeps everything under control and calm. Gunther says that “there is to be no racket smashing or else our coach will get mad,” so clearly regardless of the result of the match, you have to keep calm on the court.

Gunther has some very positive vibes about this year’s team and perhaps we’ll need to get a blue tide presence on the court to boost the team’s morale. Gunther, being a four year tennis player, has seen significant changes over the years, “The only two people from four years ago are Jimmy and I. Everyone is new to tennis this year, but they all see like really good tennis players.” Gunther and Jimmy are the senior leaders on this team, so they will have to use their skills to show the underclassmen how a state qualifying tennis team operates. When I asked Gunther about his thoughts on the future for the team, he had this to say, “I’m excited to see what happens. We’ve made it to states all of my three years on the team, and we had hardly any people, so this year we’ll definitely make it to states, but we’re definitely gonna have to work hard if we want to finish at the top of the bracket for the state championship. Districts and Regionals won’t be too much of a challenge, especially with more members of the team, so I’m hyped for the season.”

Be sure to follow along how the tennis team does this season on Twitter, and don’t forget to cheer them on.

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