Basketball Districts: The Road to Playoffs

February 21, 2018

Jesuit High School’s Basketball team is having a great season this year and is now preparing themselves for the challenge of this season’s upcoming district game. I went to basketball head coach Neil Goldman to ask for some insight on the team and the district game. I asked Coach Goldman his thoughts on the Basketball team so far in the season and how they have been performing this year. Coach Goldman told me every season is a process for him and he tries to make a big deal of it every year because this process works to take down adversity and building towards improving fundamentals of the game and chemistry of the players. This something that been the backbone of Jesuit’s basketball team and is what has carried them so far over the years. Coach Goldman also made some attention to the team’s seniors saying that he has noticed great senior leadership towards the whole team and he sees the players are giving their all and that they are on a good path to do well this season. I asked about who the Basketball would be playing in districts. Coach Goldman told me that all will be decided by the Jefferson Milton game and the Spoto Robinson game as to who we will see in the district finals.

I then asked Coach Goldman about the later on in the season and what he thinks about the playoffs. One thing about the playoffs that Coach Goldman made clear is that it will not be easy. This was due mostly to the troubles the team faced this year with many of its better players being out for one reason or another. Thierry Molrree specifically is one of this year’s best players and has only been improving. That is why when Thierry was injured and had to sit out six while games the team suffered. They had to switch up many of their plays and adapt to other players in their games. While this caused many problems Thierry is back now and the team has actually grown now because of his absence. Players who were not given as much play time have been given more attention and have improved with this added attention. The team is now in a better position than it ever was.

Finally, I heard enough of the players and I wanted to know more about the conductor of the team and his coaching style. Coach Goldman is a real contributor to the whole improvement of the team. His coaching style sets forth a year-round training routine that works to have players at their absolute best by the time the district games come around every year. Now that the district time is upon us we are seeing just what the team has become because of Coach Goldman’s labor of training the athletes under his style. In my opinion, the way the team is performing right now is overwhelming compared to the beginning of the season and I don’t see the districts and playoffs being as hard as predicted.

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