Hockey heads to States

February 23, 2018

Today is the start of the hockey state championship. This weekend will separate the men from the boys. The tournament will take place in Estero, Florida. I had a chance to ask six hockey players what they thought of there upcoming tournament.

Senior Kyle Repar said the following “It’s a tier one tournament, it is ram by SAHOF which is basically FHSAA for Hockey. Tier one means it’s all pure teams. This means that everyone goes to that school that they play for versus schools that are combined to make one team. The tournament selects two teams from South Florida and two teams from Tampa to participate. The Tampa teams that got selected this year are Jesuit and East Lake. The South Florida teams that got selected are North Broward prep, a prep school for hockey, and Stoneman Douglas.”

Senior Nolan Forrest voiced that “All the teams that we are facing off against are going to be tough to beat. There is going to be a lot of good competition this weekend. We are looking to take complete control of the game and play our style of game. It all starts with making smart decisions with the puck. We are going to have to work hard every single game if we want to win states. We play east lake the first night and the defending state chaps North Broward the second night. We hope to make it to the championship game which is on Sunday.”

Senior Deacon More vocalized that “This weekend will mean a lot for the Hockey program at Jesuit. It is the state championships for high school hockey. We will be playing one local team and two teams from down south. We are getting another chance to play for a state championship. As many already know last year we got the closest we have ever been to winning a state championship. We made it to the championship game and fell short against Broward prep. That loss has been haunting me and the other players that were on last years team since the day it happened. This year the team is coming together a lot more than last year and I think we will have a better chance to win it all. If all goes as planned this weekend then we will bring a state championship to Jesuit.”

Sammy Barranco stated “The boys have a huge weekend coming up, with big tilts all weekend. The first game is at 6 and I couldn’t be more excited. We have some big contest ahead of us and we’re definitely looking to come out of this weekend with a ring.”

Trent Gephart mentioned that “This weekend is big for the boys. We have a big test to our play with East Lake and North Broward as our first two games but with the preparation in practice I think we should excel this weekend.”

Paul Coats indicated that “This weekend is one of the hockey teams best opportunity’s to win states. The team this year has put up the best record in history and the starting line has two of the leagues top scorers. Every year we contend with North Broward to win, but this year East Lake also has a good team. As long as everyone gives 100 percent, I know we’ll get a ring.”

As you can tell this is a big weekend for Jesuit’s hockey. The confidence is through the roof for the Tigers as they get ready for Estero. The team hopes for a championship as well does Tiger nation. Go Tigers.

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