Are We Prepared?

March 28, 2018

In light of the recent shootings that happened in Parkland, Florida, most students are left to ask one question. Is my school safe? I know I have been asking myself this question non stop since the parkland shooting. What would I do if a shooter was on campus right now? Well I can tell you, there is not much to do. Building One faces Loyola Lane, a road that anyone can drive through because there are no gates. Anyone could drive in and park wherever. There are lots of open spots on campus also. I mean the whole football field is by a neighborhood, so anyone could come in that way. I think there should be some type of gate to close off the school from the outside during school hours.

There is already a gate by the football field, but it is never closed, so leaving it open is a big danger. The Jesuit wall should also have a functioning, closing gate. A better alternative to this would be some type of card that has to be scanned to get out of school. This would eliminate the potential threat of some stranger coming in and doing something harmful. Something else that has bothered me about my school is the fact that we rarely prepare for school shootings. I think in my four years in being here, there has been maybe 1 or 2 drills to prepare for a stranger on campus. The drill consists of us turning off the lights in a classroom , locking the door and sitting under the desk. There is a big window in every classroom so a shooter could shoot through there. I feel like there should be some type of safe room where people should go where there’s only one way in and one way out. No windows, just some sort of safe place. There really is no way to solve the problem of school shootings though.

No one can be prepared enough because they are still bound to happen no matter how much you prepare. Banning guns all together would not help prevent because it would take guns away from law abiding citizens who seek to protect themselves. Drugs are still illegal, yet people still get their hands on them. Underage drinking is illegal, yet some kids underage still have ways of getting it illegally. Criminals would still get their hands on them and it would still make all shootings possible. I feel as if there are precautions that could be taken to prevent the loss of life and injuries in school shootings. There’s a growing awareness that schools do have a responsibility over their social and emotional climate, and that successful interventions can save lives in multiple ways. The new federal education law requires states to report data related to school climate and safety. Things like: how safe students feel at school, the prevalence of fights, and even suicidal thoughts. When students report any of these, it can help target and prevent anything bad that could potentially happen.

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