Breakfast done right

March 2, 2018

Having traveled to 5 countries in my 18 years on this world and seeing my fair share of food network I have come to the conclusion that Americans do breakfast right. Our breakfasts are considerably larger, which if someone wants me to perform optimally is necessary. We have much more meat and egg in our breakfasts, which I also feel are the two pillars of a good breakfast. Now I usually won’t have a great breakfast at home because I barely have time to put on shoes in the morning but during a long weekend or a vacation, I indulge myself in these “American” breakfasts.
On the topic of vacation, I have found that in America there is one city that stands out in regards to large quantity and quality of the breakfasts there. That city is New Orleans, a city known for its cuisine, the breakfasts there include great comfort food with grits, fried green tomatoes, and eggs any way you can imagine them.
In the city of New Orleans, there are a few classic breakfast centered restaurants that pride themselves on being able to revive New Orleanians after a long night at parades or whatnot. Some of these restaurants include “Slim Goodies”, a small cozy place in uptown just off Magazine Sreet filled up with whoever can muster the strength to get up before noon in New Orleans. “Slim Goodies” has some great food a signature and go to dish for me is the “Orleans Slammer & Not Orleans Parish Prison; A small hurricane of hash browns, Slimchili, two strips of our extra thick hickory-smoked bacon, two eggs & melted Cheddar cheese, with toast or biscuit, a hangover chaser extraordinaire.” Another great dish from “Slim Goodies” is the “Creole Slammer; Out of the swamps comes a dish of hash browns drowned in Slim’s own crawfish etouffee, two eggs & a biscuit to soak up the goodie juices that flow, swamp power.” This dish is certainly specific to New Orleans and southern Louisiana because I haven’t ever seen crawfish etouffee for breakfast in any other city, an idea which I think everyone should adopt. I usually accompany my food there with a cup of coffee, a cup of orange juice and a side of fried green tomatoes.
In the French Quarter, there is always the classic staple of New Orleans breakfast food, beignets at Cafe Du Monde. While beignets are great sugary squares of heaven, they just don’t do it for me breakfast wise. What is an almost daily ritual for me on my visits to New Orleans is a restaurant called “Stanley’s.” The go-to breakfast option for me is the “Eggs Benedict Poor Boy ~ Poached Eggs, Canadian Bacon and Creole Hollandaise on Toasted French Bread.” This is always followed by a side of fried oysters and some coffee. “Stanley’s” breakfast is something I have enjoyed for as long as I can remember and while I may be somewhat biased in this opinion but it really is the best place to get some quality breakfast food in the Quarter.

Lastly, there is one restaurant that most foodies have probably heard of “Commander’s Palace.” When going to breakfast/brunch at “Commanders Palace” you have to go big or go home because you will be eating for around 2 hours at least. Their breakfast menu changes seasonally based on the availability of fresh produce which makes the restaurant more special in that you will probably never order the same combination of appetizer, entree and dessert twice. On any given day while going to breakfast there you can have options from “Cochon De Lait Eggs Benedict a 16-hour barbecue shoulder of pork over buttermilk biscuits with poached hen’s eggs, ripped herbs, sauce forestière and housemade tasso hollandaise” to “New Orleans “Hot Chicken” Pain Perdu a Crispy crawfish boil fried chicken over New Orleans style French toast, grilled apples, cayenne cream cheese & spiced Southern Comfort honey.” If just reading those options doesn’t make you hungry then you should seriously look into your commitment to breakfast foods.

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