FHSAA Referees

March 28, 2018

In sports, there is nothing worse than a bad referee. In Florida high school athletic association they are a lot of bad referees in every sport. Over my four years of playing basketball, the referees have gotten worse and worse. If you watch any high school sports you will see this first hand.

One day the Jesuit basketball team traveled to Jefferson to face Robinson in the district finals. One of the referees came over to our bench and said: ” you guys are a bunch of privilege black kids.” The game has not even started yet and the other team had the advantage because that referee already made his mind up that he would not give us any calls. That is exactly what happened he did not blow his whistle once when we had the ball.

Jesuit has always had a target on its back. We are targetted by the referees and even by other teams. This shows how bad the referees are. They should not come into the game bias. They are biased towards us because they view us as privilege.

When the referee’s interfere with the ability for the kids to actually win a game that is winnable, that is a shame. Those officials know exactly what they are doing and are very blatant about it. Any fan in the stands can ssee this happening. How can those referee’s hold their heads up and go see their grandkids or kids play and hope for good calls would amaze me, And sure mistakes were made on the field by coaches and players alike. It’s high school not pro. This is where kids learn the game but hopefully not learn that it can be taken away from them at the whim of some old referee’s who are bias.

I completely understand if an official makes a mistake, but what makes me angry is when they blatantly not call something. They need to do a better job of seeing what is going on throughout the game. They need to understand that for some kids high school sports are the last time they will play organize sports and try to make it as fun, competitive and unbiased as possible. There is a big shortage in officiating right now. The ref said it is because the parents are yelling at them and the kids are becoming more disrespectful, but if they ref the game properly and show that they are unbias in every way they would not be a problem.

The refs need to get better at the high school level. In the regional finals this year when St. Pete high faced Tampa Bay Tech, Tyrick picked up four falls in the first quarter. It absurd for a really good player to pick up four fouls in the first quarter. This is a reoccurring theme in high school sports. Refs who are completely biased towards a particular theme are ruining the game for high school students. This needs to change immediately because they should be unbias towards any sports.

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