LOOK! New Bricks!

April 18, 2018

The “Master Plan” is “continuing on schedule” the school has been going through construction since last year and because of this, we can now see the results. Students have been observing the new chapel rise up from foundation to roof. Now we are nearly to its completion and it looks more finished every day. And to the front of the school and heading its look to all who pass us on Himes Avenue is the Admin building that just “opened”.

All this time the students have endured construction and they want to have results that they can actually use and that will better their time at Jesuit. Here comes the walkway all way to travel across the campus. The walkway is our answer, this new revolutionary new path shortens the time for students getting around the campus and widens the area students take. From the packed mess of the sidewalks running parallel with construction, the open brick walkway is a blessing that allows faster movement and less packing on top of other students.

I needed to know what some people I asked around what thoughts were on the walkway. Mr. Freeman gave a most insightful response as usual. “I think the walk is great! I was walking to make some copies this morning and I was in a bad mood. Now I’m in a great mood!”. It seems the high opinions of the walkway even reach to the teachers as well as the students, but I think it says more than just that. It shows how the opening of new areas of the school really something that the students and teachers alike really enjoy. Especially when the new area is useful, like the walkway, it gives people confidence in the workers and Jesuit to make progress in the “master plan”. The praises while great do not stretch to the whole campus some are more on the skeptical side like Luke Garthway who commented on the walkway saying “I mean it is a brick walkway. It is unusual, but it is still just a brick walkway.” Luke was the outsider he did not see the greatness of the brick walkway instead, he saw just a brick walkway. Sadly still the reality of it is some students don’t see the walkway for anything more than a brick walkway.

I had to find a true appreciation for true greatness that’s where I found CHAD MELON! He gave words that will transform how the world see bricks. According to senior Chad Mellon “I love the walkway I feel like I am going light speed. Slingshot engaged!” This renewed my love for the walkway and made me a believer in it. It is good to know that there are still students that know art.

The new walkway is a positive. It provides easy travel with shortens the time for all students. Opinions do vary, but one thing remains constant and that is its just bricks. That means reliable and stable and I hope we can apply this to the future of Jesuit’s “master plan” when they continue to show us more of what 35 million dollars and the Jesuit determination can do.

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