Commitment Day

April 18, 2018

As my time here at Jesuit High School is coming close to the end I felt like I should reflect on my time here as a tiger and let everyone know where I will be attending for the next four year. I have been thinking about announcing my commitment for some time.

Since my very first day here on Himes Avenue it has been a struggle for me academically. My school career has had its ups and downs. I bounced around a lot in elementary school. I started at one of the top private schools in the Bay Area but they asked me to leave due to my learning disability. From a private institution, I went to a public school for three years. Once I graduated from 5th grade, I was asked to attend a school that is known for having freak athletes. Even though the talent on the basketball court and football field was stellar the academic standpoint did not prepare me well for the tasks that Jesuit expects from their students day in and day out. These expectations were way too much for me at first. I was a freshman barely eligible to play football because my GPA was in the two’s. It wasn’t just me that was struggling, A lot of the students that were accepted into an institution like Jesuit decided to take their talents either in the classroom or on the field elsewhere. I wanted to be like them.

I wanted to transfer from Jesuit to Steinbrenner every day for freshman and sophomore year. I will never forget my transfer letter that I wrote on my iPhone in my notes app. The letter that I wrote said the following, “First off, I would like to thank everyone at Jesuit high school for what they’ve done for me through friendships and education. As one door closes another opens. For that reason, I decided to further my education and football career at Steinbrenner high school. Go, Warriors 👐 .” Once I realized that my parents wouldn’t let me move from Himes to Lutz Lake Fern I started to apply myself more in the classroom. My grade took made a huge jump from freshman year to sophomore year. Sophomore year was not only a good year for learning it was also my best year on the field. After 10th grade year, I once again fell into bad habits. My GPA reaches an all-time low and I was declared ineligible to play the sport that I once loved.

As I reflect on my past decisions I realized that there was a lot of childish actions that I committed that I can only blame myself for. With all this being said, after talking about colleges with my family I was able to come down to a top 3. The three involved Alabama, Ole Miss, and Tallahassee Community College. After I took all my visits I fell in love with the 850. I am happy to announce that I will be attending Tallahassee Community College in the fall. This will allow me to be in an environment that will benefit me for the better. It will also help me mature as I strive to be a man that one can look up to. I have faith that this move will put me back on the field that I love.

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