African American Club

December 11, 2018

The African American club was founded by Nick King ’20 due to his proud heritage. The AAC is a new club on campus. This is its first year. Vice President Jeremiah Nichols ’19 told me during a short interview what the African American Club is about.

“The Club is committed to service and culture of African Americans. Although we are a new club we are starting some projects in the near future.”Jeremiah noted that the club will be doing work for Metropolitan Ministries, The NAACP and tutoring at Cyrus Green. The Club meets every Wednesday at 7:20 AM. Anyone who wants to come is welcome. At these club meetings, some controversial topics are discussed such as stereotypes that need to be addressed. (We talk about) fathers in our lives, racial slurs and being a man. This club is a great example of being a man for others- by listening to one’s perspectives and discussing them. Another example of this Ignatius driven club is service.”

The AAC is on track to start serving the community within the next month, said Nichols. Nichols explained that the AAC wants to improve race relations on Jesuit’s campus.

“We want to create a safe space for people to discuss problems and issues they see in their lives and in the greater communities lives. The AAC also wants to be known as a service-oriented club, soon. As I stated earlier they want to start serving the community.” said Nichols.

The last thing the AAC intends to accomplish is by bringing awareness to problems. After Jeremiah’s interview, I got a few minutes to catch up with the club moderator Mr. Greenfield.

“I’m a resource for these growing men to learn from. Through age comes experience and I can provide my club members with plenty.” Mr. Greenfield said.

The members of the club bring questions to Mr. Greenfield. In addition, Mrs. Saade is helping to provide leadership and guidance to the club.

Overall, the African American Club is committed to helping others, discussing problems, breaking down barriers and growth in the community.

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