From the Upside Down to the Mall

Stranger Things Season 3 Streaming Now On Netflix

August 26, 2019

The third season of Stranger Things did not disappoint, once again showing the brilliance of the Duffer Brothers. The writers, set designers and cinematographers created a very visually captivating environment. The writing was just as stellar as the previous two seasons and the actors did a spectacular job. The season started off a little slow but concluded with a somber but expected ending.

The majority of the story takes place during the grand opening of Starcourt Mall which causes local businesses to struggle economically. The plot is a blast from the past, which features the anti-Russian sentiment of the 1980s. The rag tag bunch of friends from the previous season begins to investigate suspicious activity that later reveals to be part of a much larger conspiracy. The plot is surrounding a Russian mystery that leaves still many questions unanswered going forward into Season four.

Multiple relationship themes developed throughout the season that focused on love, friendship and loss. Lucas’s sister, Erica, had a breakout role that showcased her fantastic acting ability as a quick-witted, sarcastic pre-teen. Surprisingly, Billie got a much more prominent role in season three also. His backstory was expanded upon which explained how his “bad boy” personality originated with the loss of his mother. Also, we get to see his relationship with his sister deepen. Lovebirds, Nancy and Jonathan, are still together and have found employment at the local newspaper office.

Of course, they face challenges as they try to uncover the truth behind unusual activities around town. Meanwhile, Eleven and Mike have progressed on to an actual romance; however, they experience bumps along the way. Steve has a new job and is trying to figure out himself outside of his high school reputation. Steve’s ice cream shop coworker, Robin, has an entertaining dynamic which results in an unexpected twist. We also get to see a romantic tension brew between Hopper and Joyce. Both struggle to let go of the pains of the past and move forward into the future. Perhaps the most surprising turn of events in season three would have to be that Dustin just might have a girl friend. No one knows for sure if he is telling the truth until the end of the season. Finally, Will suspects the return of the “Mind Flayer” and its evil intentions.

Season three of Stranger Things was worth the wait. The production went seamlessly with a product that lived up to its hype. Everything from the character development to the story line was on point. Stranger Things has a dedicated fan base that continues to crave more of the characters adventures and solve the mystery of the “Upside Down.” If you are needing a Netflix show to binge watch, Stranger Things would definitely be time well spent on the couch.

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