So You’re the Class Clown? You Might Be in Luck…


Four young goof-offs joined forces in 1990 at Monsignor Farrell High School, an all-boys Catholic institution in Staten Island, New York. Their names are Salvatore Vulcano, Joseph Gatto, James Murray, and Brian Quinn. The four boys originally met in their religion class, and as the group’s bond got stronger, so did the pranks. A common antic for the squad was to fill their backpacks with animals such as ducks, squirrels, and blue crabs and then proceed to release the animals when the clock struck noon to terrorize the students and teachers. Another similar shenanigan that these clowns loved to pull was even better than the animal prank. They would fill their backpacks with ten pounds of rice and wait for the hallway to crowd with their students and fellow peers, and once it did, they would dump all out it of their backpacks, coating the entire floor with rice. The students and teachers would slip, slide, and constantly lose their balance as if they were trying to ice skate for the first time. To celebrate their successful tomfoolery, the pranksters would pick up the rice and peg it at each other, adding to the already catastrophic mess.

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After constant detentions and frequently find themselves in trouble, one would think these fools were headed down the wrong path and that their behavior needed to change if they wanted to make it in the real world. I mean let’s face it, nobody ever wants to hire a goofball to work for their company. A drastic change in behavior needed to occur in these young men if they wanted to have any kind of success in their lives.
The year is now 2019, and these four boys are now men in their forties. What did they choose to pursue after high school? Well, they chose to pursue exactly that which they are great at pranks. Believe it or not, these four are still pulling pranks together and surprisingly, they are doing pretty well. Pardon me, that is an understatement, they are doing extremely well. As a matter of fact, they are globally famous and have their own comedy TV show, Impractical Jokers, that has turned into a cable TV comedic empire.

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Impractical Jokers features episodes that are filmed primarily in New York City, the Jokers’ hometown. They have also traveled to Texas, Nevada, Hawaii, and Great Britain to film episodes. Brian, Salvatore, Joseph, and James are now known to their fans by their nicknames, Q, Sal, Joe, and Murr. Impractical Jokers features these four competing against each other in a series of pranks to embarrass each other. Hidden cameras are displaced to capture the hilarity and the Jokers’ are mic’d up so all the jokes can be heard. The people of the general public are the victims of all the pranks, which just adds to the already superb humor.

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Once again, these four began their journey to worldwide fame at an all-boys Catholic high school. They are so successful because they misbehaved during class and wreaked havoc in the hallways, thus, getting themselves into loads of trouble. If you are a Jesuit student reading this, don’t think twice before pulling your next prank during English class, you just might end up on a TV show.