The Dancing Clown

It: Chapter Two

September 18, 2019

Stephen King’s novel, It, was originally made into a film for TV in 1990. In 2017, the film opened up to theaters with an R. On opening weekend, the movie made $123 million and grossed $700 million. Due to the film’s success and cliffhanger, it was granted a sequel. It: Chapter Two, released on September 6, 2019. 

The sequel takes a time jump 27 years into the future, so the members of the Losers Club are all adults now. Mike Hanlon, played by Isaiah Mustafa, is the only member of the Losers’ Club to stay in Derry, Maine after the first movie. Why is it a 27-year time jump? Pennywise, the dancing clown, played by Bill Skarsgard, hibernates for that period of time. It, the name the Losers’ Club gifted Pennywise, is a cosmic entity from another dimension, the Macroverse, millions of years ago and stayed asleep till mankind arose. Once Derry was built in 1715 Pennywise woke up and started to feed on town citizens. Hanlon noticed a massive shift in Derry’s chemistry along with multiple reports of missing children. The clown mainly feeds on children because they are more fearful than adults. It shapeshifts into the Pennywise because he believes that clowns strike the most fear into children. The Losers’ Club noticed that there were frequent reports of tragic incidents and children missing throughout the town’s history. With their understanding and knowledge of Pennywise, they were able to trace back all of these massacres to It. Hanlon still living in Derry as the town’s librarian realizes that the towns’ history is repeating itself. He reaches out to the rest of the group to notify them that they only injured it the first time around.

So, the entire club gets back together to take down the clown for once and for all. Right away when all the members meet at a dinner Pennywise begins to cast fear into them. In Chapter Two, It shows more of his shapeshifting abilities to frighten the group. Not only to frighten the group but to get closer to them as they have grown and to learn what their new fears are. Beverly Marsh, played by Jessica Chastain, is the first to witness this as shown in the trailer. Pennywise shapeshifts into an old homeowner who lives in Beverly’s childhood home. Throughout the house are “easter eggs” of It in pictures in the past as different people. Thus showing how he has always been in Derry feeding off the town for him to live. Can the club finally take down the clown after they have already injured it? Pennywise knows all their weaknesses now so will it be easier for It to frighten them? 


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