The Game that Saves the Franchise

Cade Freeman, Writer

October 7, 2019

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a first person military shooter that is being developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. This is the fourth installment of the Modern Warfare trilogy but it is following a different storyline then the other installments. Unlike other Call Of Duty’s this installment is diving into the war on terror. The campaign director Jacob Minkoff says, “ Thematically, in this world, enemies don’t necessarily wear uniforms.” This means as you enter a building or town you have to identify enemies which was seen in the campaign mission that Call of Duty previewed at E3. The mission starts off with the player taking control of Sgt. Kyle Garrick who asks for the help of Captain John Price, the series most prolific character. Sgt Garrick, Captain Price, and other special forces operatives enter a building that was a known terrorist hideout. As Kyle’s team enters the building they immediately subdue a woman going to warn the others in the house. As Kyle makes his way down the hallway he hears loud talking in one of the rooms and he immediately puts on his Night Vision goggles and shoots out the lights in the room letting his team come in taking out the terrorists. Campaign Director Minkoff also states that this could have been done differently according to the players play style. Aspects seen at E3 such as these situations is what Call of Duty hopes to bring a more realistic approach to the franchise.


Another aspect of a great Call of Duty game is multiplayer. The multiplayer is adding new features to make gameplay even better such as cross-play and new game modes. Cross-play will bring gamers together on all consoles and PC. There will be settings to customize play if cross-play is not desired or if a console player does not want to play with PC gamers. Playing the game, I experienced very minimal lag and got to experience the challenges and skills of PC and Xbox players. Another feature of the multiplayer is the new  game modes. Besides the normal game modes such as Team Deathmatch, domination and kill confirmed we see a new game mode that is super exciting, Ground War. Ground War is a 32 vs 32 team deathmatch/domination hybrid on an expanded map that allows for vehicles such as atvs, helicopters, and tanks. The map we experienced during the beta had the perfect balance between open spaces and close quarter battles in the structures that were located in throughout the map. 

Another aspect of the multiplayer that changed was the gunplay. Guns have been completely reimagined. First aspect they changed was the sound and looks of the gun. After doing research I found that the creators took time with actual guns and learned all the parts and looks of the guns and how they could portray them in the game. They recorded actual gunfire from the weapons and even recorded how the guns recoiled. Now when you fire these weapons there’s something to it that you will never get over, it feels really realistic. With all these new changes I personally believe that this game with bring back all the old Call of Duty players that it has lost over the years.


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