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2018-2019 Staff

Jovan Deeb

Staff Writer

My name is Jovan Deeb, and some may call my sports obsession unhealthy. While I enjoy all sports and the various idiosyncrasies associated with all of them, my main goal is to attend TCU and graduate from the business school....

Evan Stanislow

Staff Writer

My name is Evan Stanislow. My hobbies include playing fortnite, weightlifting, wakeboarding, hanging out with my friends and most importantly vigorously grinding on my Print and Digital media classes' assignment. This grind is...

Matthew Farley

Staff Writer

A wise man once said: every worthy battle needs a formidable opponent. Well, print and digital media isn’t exactly a battle, but there is definitely a lot of back and forth involved. This is why for every piece of news out there,...

Michael McClelland

Staff Writer

Hello there, my name is Dennis Michael McClelland Jr. and I am a senior here at Jesuit High School. I have lived in Tampa all my life and I love it here. You don’t really appreciate the weather here until you go to Cincinnati...

Jeremiah Nichols

Staff Writer

Hey! My name is Jeremiah Nichols and I’m a senior at Jesuit high school in Tampa Fl. I am different. I am black. I write poetry and watch anime but I still know all the “hood movies” and dribble a ball better than anyone...

Ian Stahley

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Ian. I’m currently cruising through year 4 of 4 at Jesuit and looking forward to working as a member of the staff for this year. A couple things you should know about me: I am a certified fantasy football addict, ping...

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