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Joshua Reynes
Howdy y'all! My name is Joshua Reynes and I am a senior at Jesuit. I have been a member of the Jesuit Choir since my freshman year and am currently the Tenor section leader. I am a social media manager and creative director for the local band Inkblot, which includes fellow Jesuit senior Jordan Vivero. My interests include filmmaking and music production. My main style influences when it comes to filmmaking are the films I watch most recently to making a project, 2000's teen sitcoms, the works of Spike Jonze, MTV in the 2000's, and music acts like Brockhampton and Duran Duran. My favorite movies include Mamma Mia!Sing Street, anything by Edgar Wright, La La Land, and That Thing You Do!. Shows I love include Master of None, Nirvanna the Band the Show, Nathan For You, Stranger Things, Glow, The O.C., and Black Mirror. From this selection I have showcased, it's easy to say I like to watch movies that understand music and use it to enhance a story. I hope to attend FSU after I graduate Jesuit and study film. As a writer, I enjoy discussing my opinions on new films and albums, but also I enjoy talking about new events happening on campus that directly impact the student body. My main journalistic influence is David Muir from ABC News because what he has managed to do for nightly news is what Jimmy Fallon, as much as I dislike him, has done for late night TV. In this day and age, different mediums cross paths all the time as media becomes increasingly accessible, and I think it is important to highlight how the potential virality of our everyday lives can elevate our mindsets and put us onto new wavelengths to make our lives better.

Joshua Reynes, Staff Writer

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