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Matthew Farley
A wise man once said: every worthy battle needs a formidable opponent. Well, print and digital media isn’t exactly a battle, but there is definitely a lot of back and forth involved. This is why for every piece of news out there, they need a small dependable guy who really knows how to report it like he’s leading the charge of the light brigade. There is nothing that Matt Farley can’t handle.

If you want to be informed of information through an unbiased source, you need Farley. If you want to see photos of you and your friends under Friday Night Lights, updates on the school construction, and events going on around campus, he's the one. Matt delivers the news like a running back riding a steed through battle. He’s five foot seven inches of spicy cheetos and slurpees and has an immense amount of admiration for this school. When this guy isn’t reporting, he’s known to be a strong advocate for art class and likes to play lacrosse. So it’s easy to imagine Matt is just one of the boys, except he’s your pal who gives you the news.

Matthew Farley, Staff Writer

The student news site of Jesuit High School