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Michael McClelland
Hello there, my name is Dennis Michael McClelland Jr. and I am a senior here at Jesuit High School. I have lived in Tampa all my life and I love it here. You don’t really appreciate the weather here until you go to Cincinnati or Chicago during the winter where you can not even go outside. It’s not that unbearable in Tampa. I’m a sad Bucs fan, always hoping for the playoffs and hyped up... and then we mess it up. We should be set but I guess not.

I am also a Duke fan so that kind of cancels the misery out with the Bucs. I am looking at FSU and Auburn right at the moment. Both seem to be good schools. I am leaning towards Florida State but anything could happen. Anyways, Jesuit is a great place and I’m hoping to have a great last year.

Michael McClelland, Staff Writer

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